How To Purchase Hand Fans At Minimum Costs?

Published: 22nd June 2011
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Hand fans that were initially used for the purpose of cooling the surroundings in hot weathers are now being used for a number of innovative purposes. With changing times, the traditional usage of these hand held potable fans have been lost in the crowd of modern hi-tech electronic gadgets like air conditioners and electric fans. The usage has definitely been altered, but still an increasing number of custom hand fans are bought from the manufacturers for other purposes. They are abundantly used as promotional items for advertising the brand name of a company; they are also used for promoting religious thoughts and values amongst the followers; and they are also used as popular take away gifts for marriages.

Because of the increasing popularity of custom fans a large number of companies are now manufacturing these products. You can easily find many such manufacturers over the Internet like HandFanOutlet offering these products at variable prices. Following are some of the tips that can help you reduce the buying cost:

Shape of the hand fans

This is an important factor that determines the total cost of the product. The simpler shapes like oval, square, round, rectangle, etc. are available for a lesser price whereas the more complex shapes such as hut shape, face shape, animal shape, and other such typical shapes are a bit highly priced. Therefore you can keep your expenses low by ordering the simpler shapes.

Size of the custom hand fans

Even the size of the Custom Fan matters while deciding the price. The bigger sizes are highly priced compared to the standard ones. Generally the standard size of this product is considered to be 8 X 8 inches whereas the larger sizes can go up to 10 X 15 inches. Besides these two sizes there a mini size as well, measuring 8 X 8 inches. Depending on your requirements and budget, you must order the exact size you need to lower the costs.


Those opting for very fancy and colorful designs of Custom Hand Fans that have greater number of colors than the prescribed limit need to pay extra charges. So by keeping it simple and elegant, within in the color limit, you can also reduce the overall costs.


One of the most influential factors affecting the costing of custom fans is the quality of order. Most of the manufacturing companies offer reduced price quotes for bulk order. Therefore you can purchase the same products at much lesser price if you are buying in bulk quantities rather than buying in fragments. If you are buying it as a marriage gift, you can go through your guest’s list to calculate the exact number of people who would be attending the marriage. For company promotions and raising awareness amongst people, you can purchase bulk quantities and easily reduce the overall costs rather than purchasing it again and again.

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